Changing out your factory bulbs to upgrade to a set of LED bulbs is a low cost way to improve the apperarance and function of your car or truck.

We offer LED bulbs for most locations on your vehicle from the headlights to the tailights to everything in between. In most cases replacing your factory bulbs with a set of LED buls is as simple as swapping the bulb out but in some vehicles an auxilary harness is needed to make the vehicle diagnostics realize that there is actually a functioning bulb in the circuit. The reasoning for this is that LED bulbs draw less power than factory bulbs and on some vehicles when they see the lower draw they will think that the bulb is either burnt out or not working properly which can cause a warning light to come on the dash or, in the case of a signal light, cause them to flash fast which is meant to let you know that there is a problem. The solution to this problem is to install a resistor or decoder module which will make the vehicle think that your factory bulb is still in place.

We don't just have products to improve the lights of your truck, we also carry suspension leveling kits and suspension lowering kit. You can check out quality Air Bag kits from Air Lift and lowering kits from BellTech or McGaughys to really make your ride something to look at.